Landon Guitars, oh great, just what we need…ANOTHER guitar builder.

This thought has gone through our minds over and over and over as we started down the road of building this company.

So why do it?

Simple reason actually. There are very few builders doing it right today… and many just barely doing it at all. When you start each instrument with the end in mind, and then go out to your raw lumber stock, pick the correct tone woods for what you are building, partner with the right bridge guys, and the right pickup guys… pick your frets and your inlay and manage each step of the process, you can truly create a special instrument each and every time.

The true test is we hate parting with our guitars. When you are trying to find a reason to keep all the guitars you build then you know you are truly doing it right.

You can buy a guitar from anywhere. When you are ready for THE guitar, contact us.