Who are we?

A new brand, but a storied history.

You have never heard of us…but chances are you have played one of our necks or bodies…how? Well, for 17 years we have been one of the best kept secrets in guitar building. We could never tell you the companies we build for…and many of them go to great lengths to make sure even we don’t know. But the ones we do know have instruments touring the world with players whose names you would recognize in a single heartbeat.

Greg Jamison AKA Johnny Nightrain, lead guitar with Hair Nation

Why do they use us?

It’s simple really, we know what the hell we are doing. We aren’t the least expensive supplier, and we aren’t a huge factory in a foreign country….but for builders who care we are the perfect supplier…not a full production factory that spits out thousands, but big enough to do big runs yet still provide a handmade quality that can’t be matched by big OR small manufacturers. Hell, we still sand our bodies and necks by hand!

We are humble, but confident. We are experienced. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know what tone woods go together…and how to build a body and neck that will sing when paired. We know that its all about the wood…yet also all about the quality of the build..it’s 200%…it has to go to 11.

We have toured and recorded and toured and recorded and toured some more. We have trashed guitars, and stages and the backs of buses. We’ve played gigs in front of thousands, and gigs in front of a single drunk guy that passed out 2 songs into the first set. We aren’t engineers…we didn’t go to f@$*ing school to be luthiers. We build guitars, and we are very passionate about it.

Landon is the culmination of all that experience and swagger and passion. Our guitars are custom shop guitars, period. They are built from the best woods, with hardware picked specifically for each one.

This is the one…this is THE guitar.