Joe Cefalu

Originally from NYC, Joe Cefalu spent his formative years there practicing guitar, playing gigs, and working in recording studios. As a youngster, his early demos earned him a feature in Guitar Player Magazine, which inspired him to continue to hone his craft on the instrument.

Stricken by wanderlust, Joe eventually moved to the Left Coast and spent about a decade doing gigs and sessions in the California Bay Area. After a show at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall, Joe was approached backstage by Steve Lukather, who complimented his playing and encouraged him to record and release his own original music.

Two subsequent solo albums were well received enough to see Joe featured in publications such as Guitar Player, Vintage Guitar, and Guitarist Magazines. “Getting the nod from a guitar legend like Steve Lukather really lit a fire under me to write and record more original music, and I really owe a lot to his vote of confidence in me. It was a brief encounter that made a lasting impact on me”, says Joe.

Used my Landon Tiger Eye guitar for these amazing shows in South America. Great, versatile tones, plays like lightning, and it refused to go even slightly out of tune! ” -Joe Cefalu

Cefalu’s most recent instrumental effort, “Blink of an Eye”, is a must for fans of melodic, adventurous guitar music. With inventive songwriting and a knack for smooth, rich guitar tones, Joe has crafted an album of tunes that, “mix the best bits of Beck and Gilmour with his own sense of style and vigor” – to quote GUITARIST magazine. Two previous releases, “Fear Itself” and “The Lazarus Project”, are also currently available on iTunes & CD Baby.

In 2014, Joe was contacted by Steve Augeri, who sang lead for 8 years in the legendary American Rock band, Journey. “Steve needed a last minute sub for some shows in Chicago, so I crammed and learned a bunch of tunes, flew out there, and we played the gigs on the fly – no rehearsal. He’s been calling me to fill in for shows ever since, and it’s always a blast to do those kinds of fly-gigs”, Joe explains.

A perpetual student of his craft, Joe currently resides in an undisclosed guitar bunker somewhere in Southwest Idaho.